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    FIFA 18 meets Qlik Sense

    Christopher Clayford

      Hi all


      I recently came across an interesting dataset that i thought would be worth analyzing in Qlik Sense.

      I thought i'd share my work with the community in the the hopes of receiving some of your thoughts/feedback.

      I have also attached the data files so that you may do your own analysis if you like.



      Dataset for people who love data science and have grown up playing FIFA.



      Every player featuring in FIFA 18

      40+ attributes

      Player and Flag Images

      Attributes based on actual data of the latest EA's FIFA 18 game

      Attributes include on all player style statistics like Dribbling, Aggression, GK Skills etc.


      Possible Explorations:

      Analyse which Club or National Team has the best-rated players

      Assess the strength of a team at a particular position

      Analyse the team with the best dribbling speed

      Co-relate between Age and Overall rating

      Co-relate between Age and Nationality

      Co-relate between Age and Potential

      These are just basic examples, sky is the limit.


      Files included in this post:

      FIFA 18 Complete Player Dataset (Qlik Sense app)

      PlayerPersonalData (CSV data file)

      PlayerAttributeData (CSV data file)

      WorldKMLData (QVD data file)



      I have used the folowing extention object for some of my tables in the app. You will need to install it to view some information in the app.

      Here is the link to the extention in Qlik Branch:

      Qlik Branch


      Recently added:

      PlayerPlayingPositionData (CSV data file)





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