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    Themes in Qlik Sense

    shruti vyas

      Hello All,


      In Qlik View we have facility to create themes for charts. Is there something like theme in Qlik Sense?


      Or is there any way to change the look and feel of the charts and tables in my Qlik Sense app?




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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          I think there currently are no themes for Qlik Sense, but I think this is on the road map.


          So currently there is no way to change the look and feel of the built-in charts and tables... however... if you are a skilled web developer, you could make your own extensions for Qlik Sense and via that way make components look the way you want.

          Alternatively, you could check Qlik Branch to see if someone did not already made an extension that matches what you are looking for:

          Qlik Branch