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    Qlik Sense Test/Prod and how to handle the shared folder

    Andreas Karlsson


      I've set up my first Qlik Sense environment with QDF.

      Since I'm using shared persistance I've put the QDF folder structure into that shared folder right beside the built-in Apps-folder.

      To support a test and prod flow I did it this way:

      1. First I created one folder named Test and another named Prod and put two complete QDF-folder structures in there with prefixes calles like Sales_Test and Sales_Prod.

      2. Then I created folder-connections on the Qlik Sense server for each container in each QDF-structure for example

      Sales_Test pointing to \\QLikShare\Test\4.Sales


      Sales_Prod pointing to \\QLikShare\Prod\4.Sales

      3. Then I implemented a way to automatically update a vEnvironment-variable depending on if the app is published to prod or test according to this post Multi-tier deployment in a single environment - let apps automatically know which datasources to use!

      4. It is only the config-files and the qvd-files that are handled by the QDF since the applications in Qlik sense are restored into the apps-folder with a cryptic name.

      Everything works nicely but then when I put some geo-files into the shared folder I realized that the Shared folder in QDF is hard-coded into the 1.init.qvs script like this:

      SET vL.QDF.LinkShared_Folders = 'Shared';

      Which means that the shared folder cannot have a prefix like Shared_Test or Shared_Prod.

      For now I make use of the AltPath-option and have only one single shared folder common to both test and prod.

      Anyone else who have thought of how to config the shared folder in a test/prod usage of QDF for Qlik sense?