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    Qlik Sense App monitoring dashboard

    Apurva Vyas

      Hello Everyone,


      I am creating a Qlik Sense which monitors the reload status of apps. So to give you the base we have multiple tasks created to run every morning and I am creating a dashboard for leadership team. The motive of the app is to show if the tasks are successful or not.

      So I have list of all the apps loading every morning. and I have a field called App load time. So if the app loaded successfully today it will show in green, if it is not loaded or in running state it should show yellow and if the task failed then it should show red. So for green I just need to match App load day with today. As soon as app load day turns today it starts showing in green but I am not able to get the logic to show yellow and red. Is there any way to fetch task failure in a dashboard. Or can we fetch the run time status of the tasks?