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    Qlik support for Netwever7.5 BW and BW/4HANA

    venkat v

      Hello Team,


      Please let us know , qlik will support BW 7.5 and BW/4 HANA ?

      As there are lot of changes in the application layer ? will qlik support next version of BW (BW/4HANA) ?




      All source system types except ODP, HANA and File System are not supported

      • All Business Content Datasources (extractors) that are released for Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) will be supported (the ODP Source System is replacing the SAP Source System in SAP BW/4HANA).
      • Object types from the 3.x data flow are not supported any more and must be migrated.
      • BW4/HANA does not support legacy BW objects like Multiprovider, Infocubes, Infosets etc. It only supports the new objects like Composite Providers, ADSOs, Open ODS etc.
      • Modeling in the Data Warehousing Workbench (SAPGUI) is replaced by modeling in the BW Modeling tools in Eclipse. The BW modeling tools have been adapted to the SAP HANA modeling environment. The BW objects recommended for use with SAP HANA are modeled exclusively in the BW modeling tools.
      • All Classical objects need to be migrated to BW/4HANA supported objects using the migration tools provided.
      • InfoPackage creation, maintenance and related process types in process chains are NOT supported
      • Persistent Staging Area (PSA) maintenance and related process types in process chains are NOT supported
      • Traditional BI Content will not be supported (software components BI_CONT and BI_CONT_XT). New SAP BW/4HANA business content on top of the Business Content DataSources will be delivered in Q4 2016.
      • Realtime Data Acquisition (RDA) is NOT supported
      • Data Transfer Processes will now longer support extraction from PSA. Hence, they will always use the Data Extraction setting “Directly from source system. PSA not used” from now on. The respective setting “Data Extraction” has been removed from the Data Transfer Process Maintenance.
      • Error Handling in Data Transfer Processes (because of using PSA based error stacks) is NOT supported



      Venkat Veeramlla .

        • Re: Qlik support for Netwever7.5 BW and BW/4HANA
          Mats Olin


          Hi Venkat, the short answer is: Yes, we will continue to support connectivity to SAP.


          Our connectors install and run on BW 7.5 and we are currently evaluating BW/4HANA. However, there are no dedicated connectors to the new BW objects such as ODP, CompositeProviders etc. The data is usually available through the SAP SQL Connector, BEx Connector (some limitations on new functionality exist) or any of the other SAP Connectors that we offer. There is also the possibility of exposing the BW objects as HANA view and access them through the ODBC connector. We are continuously improving our connectivity options to SAP and you can expect more dedicated BW 7.5 and BW/4HANA connectivity in the future.


          / Mats