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    How to calculate different measures at different levels

    Rajarshi Guin

      Hi All,


      I need to create a dashboard in the below format.

      YearMonthSales by MonthSales by Year


      In this dashboard the Sales by Month measure will be calculated based on Year and Month, i.e., in the example above, for Jan 2017 the sales is 100, for Jan 2016 sales is 300 etc. The Sales by Year value needs to calculated based on the year only, i.e., in the example above, the total sales for 2017 for all the months Jan-Dec is 500, the total sales for 2016 for all the months from Jan-Dec is 1000. For Sales by Year, the value always needs to show the sum for all 12 months irrespective of the months selected in the filter.


      Can anyone please let me know how to calculate the Sales by Year value.