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    In-House License Management

    Rajesh Gaddipati

      In todays dynamic environment the software License Management Systems that are available in the market, or those which were bought from third party sources other than Cloud Computing , they have added a huge burden on client. Organizations are not able to effectively utilize the existing licenses in a software application due to lack of traceability.This leads to additional  purchase of licenses every finincial year from the Vendor after certain software audits. Licenses were not available for active users who are currently working in the Organization.  CAL's(Client Access License) were locked by the users who have left organization , other than "Floating Licenses" where licenses were released once the user session ends in a particular application. In order to handle these unused licenses a proper "License Management System" should be followed in an Organization where it can be implemented easily on all available applications.

      Attached is the White Paper which helps to understand License Management in more detail.