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    Pivot Table editing and copying of charts

    Jennifer Lyngle


      I have a large data set that I use to create about 30 different pivot tables.  Each pivot table is then used to create a chart.  15 of the charts use the Cost and 15 use the Sale Price.  I have the Cost charts completed, and now what to copy those 15 charts, change the source of data  to reference the Sale Price pivot tables.  I am unable to make that change.  If I change the option in PivotTable Options, the change is done for both charts..  Is there a way to copy the one set of charts, and not have them linked?


      Thank you.


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          VIJAY VIRA



          Is there a reason for you to use each of those pivot table as a source for these charts. Why not have a single source to create charts out of those. Without you providing sample of data, charts, app and script will be difficult to advise.


          Ideally your data model either in Qlik or from wherever you are sourcing from should support creating various charts. If the source is not suited then it should be modeled on Qlik side.


          Please share sample data/app, etc. to help you further.




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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Please specify the version of Qlik NPrinting you are using. Please give us some other details like a screenshot of the template, a screenshot of the generated report etc.


            If you create a chart of the second group manually instead of copy and modifying it, will it work or do you have the same problem?



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              Eduardo Terçariol

              If you unlink after copying the table using the left mouse button in the new tables and choosing the unlink option.