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    Previous Quarter Growth

    Jos� Domingues



      i'm new to qliksense and i'm currently having trouble calculating previous quarter growth in a graph.

      I'm using a Combo Chart, with the sales by quarter.

      In the database i only have the quarter with the following format "2017 Q2".

      How can i create the growth in the graph?

      I was using this formula "(Sum(PerIodo)/sum({<PerIodo={"left(PerIodo,4)-1,' ',right(PerIodo,3))"}>}Quantia))-1" but it is not working.

      I also read in the forums to use As-Of table but from what i was able to understand it needs to have the date (DD/MM/YYYY).

      That information i don't have.
      Can anybody give me a hand?


      Thanks in advance.