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    Change the "hierarchy structure" in Publisher quickly?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we have the QlikView_Publisher. All of our Jobs are in the QEMC, but many of them, though they actually have to run in sequence, are not set to just run when the last in row is finished, but they all have a time-dependent Trigger which is set accordingly - that way, they are sorted into categories which give a hint to what Directory the corresponding qvw is to be found - the Name of the Task does the rest in that respect. There are two Advantages to that - the first is the Independence of Tasks (when one "chain link" Fails, the report is still refreshed), the second is the sorting .- just a matter of Display, of course, but it does make it much easier to get an overview over the number of our apps.


      <=> When one of the more critical pieces Fails, we have to re-run the entire "chain" of apps from that Point on - to that end I have built redundant Triggers into many of the apps (deactivated by Default) which can make the apps run one after another so that we don't have to constantly watch the Progress.


      => Is it possible to somehow automate that "Change of active Triggers" so that, whenever there is a specific chain of apps that we have to rerun, we could just press a button and Switch the Triggers so that the apps all run in single file - and when all is done, we can Switch again and have them sorted like they're supposed to be? I don't know whether the Publisher has any functionality that could help us do that?

      (We could just have two Triggers for the Tasks "further down the line", one for a successful run of the predecessor and one for a fail, that would solve the issue of Independence of the Tasks, but it would not Keep up the sorting, would it?)


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,