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    Qlik Sense ExportData Https Certificate

    Steffen Prendke



      I am develop a Java client which is communicating with Qlik Sense via the Web Socket API. Therefore I must generate me the necessary certicates to speak with Qlik Sense. This will work for me: As a starting point I have use this nice GitHub post GitHub - goldbergjeffrey/QlikSenseTicket.java: A simple example of how to request a ticket from Qlik Sense Proxy Service…


      For exporting data out of Qlik Sense I use the ExportData method, like here described ExportData method ‒ Qlik Sense. This is working well, I am getting back the download URL.


      Now the problem, I can't download the file via https, besides I use the same certificates like with the wss protocol. If I am using the same certificates I will be redirect to the notifying mask.


      How could I download the file correctly.