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    [SAP Report] - Select Report Option does not return any results.

    Adam Ginza

      Greetings Qlik Developers,


      I have a problem Extracting data from SAP report using SAPReportConnector version 6.0.124.


      Specifically, my problem is when I use the Select Report Options to get the data. Below is the detailed explanation.


      The report consists of 8 input parameters. 4 inputs has Kind = P, and the other 4 has Kind = S.  With one of the S inputs is mandatory (Air Date)

      Select Report Option.PNG

      From the picture above, I tried to input the Air Date = 20170701, and I put Detail = X because I would like to see the Detail version of the report. As a result, the result comes up as expected.


      However, when I tried to choose the Detail 2 version of the report by marking Detail 2 = X, no results showed up, but when I applied the same parameter in the SAP, it was working just fine and the results are out.


      Detail 2 = X

      Detail 2 Option.PNG

      No result Come Up

      no result.PNG


      Results from SAP

      Result from SAP.png


      Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem as I have?

      Where did I do wrong?


      Any kind of help is very much appreciated.





      Adam Ginza