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    Problem with Section Access (NTDOMAINSID)


      I'm facing QlikView errors with Section Access. I made a very simple example:


      Section Access;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      ADMIN, S-1-5-21-55555555-55555555-55555555


      What it does?

      It checks if the SID of your domain is the one above and gives you access to the QVW as ADMIN, that's all. On the desktop it works perfectly, whether on the desktop of the machine or desktop of Qlikview Server.


      But when I put it in the client environment and accessing locally (localhost / qlikview) it asks me for username and password.

      I already created the QVW from scratch on the server to get the SID of the domain and even then it still asks for username and password (in the access point)

      Server version: Qlikview 11.20.


      Anyone have any idea why this happens?

      Could anyone test on another server to see if the error happens when it passes to a Qlikview Server?