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    Aggr Expressions NOT Working when using ValueList() to create Synthetic Dimension

    Abhay Sudhakaran

      I have attached a sample Qlik Sense App that contains a straight table with Custom Dimensions and Expressions.

      Here you would see that the second expression DOES NOT generate any output, even though it is the same expression. The only thing that stands out to me is that, the second instance of AGGR in such scenario doesn't work.


      Front End Table


      Table Expression Code


      =ValueList('Exp1', 'Exp2', 'Exp3')



      Pick(Match(ValueList('Exp1', 'Exp2', 'Exp3'), 'Exp1', 'Exp2', 'Exp3')

      , Sum(Aggr(Sum(Expression1), Dim1))

      , Sum(Aggr(Sum(Expression1), Dim1))

      , Sum(Expression1)




      Any help is appreciated.