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    Totals in a table as a KPI

    Fabiana Iglesias

      Hi everybody,


      I've beeing reading lot of posts to find an answer to my doubt but I can´t reach the right one, so I decided to make a post.


      I have this table:




      Venta Mensual actual = Sum(IF(IDCuentaContable=40, Monto))

      Venta mensual Anterior = Sum(IF(IDCuentaContable=40, MontoAnterior))

      Evolucion ventas = Sum(IF(IDCuentaContable=40, Monto))/Sum(IF(IDCuentaContable=40, MontoAnterior))/100


      All of them are master elements.

      I need to filter only account No 40.

      Monto Anterior was created from script as follow:


        IF(((Mes-1)=0),0, (Previous(Monto))) as MontoAnterior


      I want to show the Total of Evolucion Ventas (1.49%) as a KPI

      I've tried with a lot of functions but I can´t do it.



      Could I have some help? I´m making my first steps with Qlik Sense