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    Range sum function in expression

    Aniruddhya Dutta

      Hi All,


      I have an expression which is working fine to calculate the cumulative and non cumlative sum of a measure as below


      if (SELECTOR1='CUM',

      RangeSum(Above(Sum(Documents_Produced), 0,  RowNo())),Sum(Documents_Produced))


      Now I just changed the expression to take distinct proc ids while evaluating the document produced which is not working


      if (SELECTOR1='CUM',

      RangeSum(Above(sum(Count({$<Documents_Produced={'1'}>} distinct PROC_ID), 0,  RowNo())


        Sum(Count({$<DATE={'$(vDATE)'},Documents_Produced={'1'}>} distinct  PROC_ID)))



      can some one plz help?