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    Excluding Selection from Dimension in AGGR

      Please bear with me as I am still learning about AGGR and Set Analysis. Based on solutions from other discussions, I have the following expression:




      As I understand, the AGGR will create a temporary table of [PRODUCT CLASS], PERIOD and sum of BUDGET (without the effect of SKU on Budget). This works as I understand.


      What if I want to remove the effect of SKU selection on PERIOD dimension, such that temporary table would include all PERIOD fields as the selection on SKU decreases the number of PERIODs?


      I have tried   ???({<SKU= >}[PERIOD]) and obviously sum doesn't work as I don't need to add the PERIODs. What should be in place of ??? if this is even the correct approach to the problem.

        • Excluding Selection from Dimension in AGGR
          Erich Shiino

          I guess this is related to another post we were discussing, right?

          So... the answer is more related to that then to a more general question (I may not make sense to the others)


          Try this:


          sum( {<SKU= , [PRODUCT CLASS]={'=SUM(VALUE)>0'}>}BUDGET)


          I used indirect set analysis to go back to the product class which has some VALUE related to the selection in SKU at any point in time. (maybe even better than the expression with aggr we used before).


          Best Regards,


          Erich Shiino