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    Error loading from the scheduler, and loading from the script goes fine

    Денис Петров

      Hello! Help to solve the problem: when loading data in the desktop version, the boot is performed without problems, but when executing the load from the scheduler it drops into an error, when examining the log file I drew attention to the following lines:


      Error: Error in expression:

      Week takes 1 parameter

      General Script Error

      Execution Failed

      Execution finished.

      I use the parameter when defining the "week" and I really need it.



               [TempDate] as tmp_date,

               Day([TempDate]) as [DAY],

               Week([TempDate],0,1) as [WEEK_NO],

               WeekName([TempDate]) as [WEEK_YEAR],

               WeekDay([TempDate]) as [DAY_OF_WEEK],

               Month([TempDate]) as [MONTH],

               MonthName([TempDate]) as [MONTH_YEAR],

               Dual('КВ'&Text(Div(Month([TempDate]),4)+1),Div(Month([TempDate]),4)+1)    as [QARTER],

               QuarterName([TempDate]) as [QARTER_YEAR],

               Year([TempDate]) as [YEAR]


      Help, please, how to get out of this situation and why when executing the script from the application there are no errors, but when executing from the scheduler an error occurs?