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    QlikView server crash - User sessions multiplying

    Laure Denivelle



      Our QlikView server is hosted on a Windows server 2012, 64 Go RAM, 2.19 GHz, 4 Core, with all QV services installed on it.

      Approximately 180 users but generally 15 to 30 users connected simultaneously.

      All the settings in the QMC are in the attachment below .

      Sometimes the server is slowing down and then worse, no user could load any application on their screen (the screen stays white, it's not the "session lost" error).

      The RAM & CPU usage on the server increased exponentially  (QVS.exe service).


      Last time it happened, we went to the "QVS Statistics" to see how many people were connected (approx 20).

      We have noticed that the "Number of Sessions" and the "Number of Documents" were unusually high (see bellow).



      QMC - Status - QVS Stats - Open Documents.PNGQMC - Status - QVS Stats - Number of Doc.PNG


      5 min later :


      QMC - Status - QVS Stats - Open Documents 5 min later.PNGQMC - Status - QVS Stats - Number of Doc 5min later.PNG

      In this case, most of the users (90%) have access to one QlikView application only and the rest maximum 2 application.

      Also when I checked users who had the most important number of sessions or documents, they were not connected since 2 hours minimum but the server specify open sessions for them.

      So it's like the server is keeping all the sessions open and worse, multiplying them.


      What do you think is causing this ?

      Could it from a graphic with too much data to load ? a big Excel export ? Bad config of the server ?

      We’ve also test the « Allow Only One Copy of Document in Memory» option but checked or not, the problem is still present.

      A document timeout of 60min is also specify.


      We’re facing this issue since 2 weeks now and the accesspoint become inaccessible around 3 time / day (the server is running since 2 years now but we always have performance issues with a lot of "sessions lost" from user).


      Thanks for your help.