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    Copy and paste selections from an embedded Qlik Sense object within a webportal as an URL with selections included

    Daniel Wardzynski

      Hey Qlik Community,


      Does anybody have experience and/or have previously implemented and coded a JavaScript code inside a Qlik Sense Mashup, that would

      fetch the selection of a particular object (listbox) from the Qlik Sense mash-up itself?


      I am not sure which of the API functions I should be using in order to recreate an URL with the selections included as follows:



      Potential functions:

      getData() - https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/2.2/Subsystems/APIs/Content/BackendAPI/getdata-method.htm

      So basically:

      1) User opens web-page with Qlik Sense visualisation and list-boxes.
      2) User selects two fields
      3) User can then press a URL hyperlink that includes the selections that was made in step 2.


      Any kind of help would be very helpful as I can not find much about this topic in the community.