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    Analysis with first till todate Best Approach

    zahid Rahim

      Dear Eperts,


      Suppose I have below data.


      TrDate      Item          Category          Quantity

      01SEP17    1                    A                    10

      02SEP17    1                    B                    10

      03SEP17    1                    C                    10

      04SEP17    1                    A                    10

      05SEP17    1                    B                    10

      06SEP17    1                    C                    10

      07SEP17    1                    A                    10

      08SEP17    1                    B                    10


      Now if i select TrDate in filter as 05SEP17 it is adding quantity perfectly to 50 with some expression "Sum({<TRDATE = {"$(='<=' & Date(Max(TRDATE)))"}>} QUANTITY)"and even show category wise total as well like below:

      A          20

      B          20

      C          10


      But As we have only one transaction in category B on 05SEP2017 and being the TrDate filter applied on 05SEP17, I can only select category B Others are grey out if i forcefully select it effect on other filters. I want to give filter on category and other dimensions as well so that user can see total for category A and C as well.


      What is the best approach to handel such development as most of the analysis require this and i have millions of records.






      Zahid Rahim