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    Weirdest thing I have seen in Qlik Sense to date.

    Brian Bohr

      So I seem to be experiencing an issue with Qlik Sense as best as I can explain here is what is happening:

      My boss wanted to exclude the current month from being displayed on the line charts but wanted the data to show in tables so it could be analyzed. So with the help of Antonio (see this link  Re: Trying to exclude the current month from a line charthttps://community.qlik.com/message/1354188#1354188) we came up with the following formula    Sum({$<Date={'<=$(=Date(MonthEnd(Today(),-1),'M/D/YYYY'))'}>} AvgSessionDuration*Sessions)/3600   and it worked like a champ using an exported copy of the original app in Qlik Sense Desktop on my home computer. What I see is a clean break in the current year for September no value displayed at all for October and no line being drawn from September to October all is great in Qlik land.


      When I added the single line of code to the actual app which is running on Qlik Sense Enterprise the entire chart disappears as if the formula is so messed up that it can not even display the chart at all.


      All the above formula should do is look at todays date and give me the end of the month for the prior month, there by not showing any data in the chart for the current month. Simple enough and like I said it works exactly as I wanted it to in Qlik Sense Desktop but completely fails in Qlik Sense Enterprise.


      I loaded up an instance of Qlik Sense Desktop on my laptop and moved a copy of the original app the same one that is used on the Enterprise version and on my home computer and now I get a third completely different chart issue on this version it shows 0 and a line being drawn from the previous month in the line chart.


      I have exported the chart from enterprise and moved it over to both my home computer and laptop and back with no difference being noticed in the displaying each issue remains with the machine as I move this app around.


      This app has over 100 additional charts, KPI, and tables in it and every single one of them without fail works and looks the same on all three devices. I can not figure the issue out.


      Anyone out there have an idea on what could be causing the issue. Open to any and all suggestions as I have spent 3 days looking into it and can find no solution.