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    Logging split files set to weekly but output is daily

    Everett Harvey



      I recently upgraded our QlikView Server to 12.10.20500.0 and the split files are set to weekly but the output is daily.

      Old logs we weekly, but now they are daily so my Governance Dashboard (v2.04) stopped loading them.

      How do I get the log output back to weekly if they are set to weekly?


      I noticed on the Qlikview help page for logging,


      it says "Weekly, meaning that each event log file contains information from a week, at maximum".

      Does this mean that it could create logs more often? I am sure I used the same split files setting on 11.2.


      Any thoughts are appreciated!



      Note: Placed question in QlikView Publisher because I didn't see QlikView Server or QMC etc...