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    Frequency Distribution by groups

    Ania Vasconcellos

      Hi there


      I'm fairly new to Qlikview and I have looked through the various discussions and none seem to help me in terms of what I would like to do. I have just recently learnt how to import the data and do the multiple links across fields but now I'm in the process of displaying the value add and the power of BI.


      The data I would like to see in table format is as follows:


      YearBandFreqFreq %
      2008A2020 %
      2008B8080 %
      2009A3030 %
      2009B7070 %

      I can get the frequency (3rd column) using count(Field) but the percentages I am struggling with as they need to be by year and band totals. I believe I may need to use set analysis here, but I don't know how to go about it.


      I would then like to display the Freq % in a multiple bar graph by band (x-axis) and freq % (y-axis) split by the various years (Bars).


      I'd really appreciate if someone could guide me through this process as the learning curve is fairly tough to get through.


      In advance I'd like to say thanks for the help.