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    Trigger click of all bubbles in bubble layer : Qlik Sense Geo analytics




      I am stuck in one issue since long. I am using Qlik Sense + Geo analytics, I am showing cities as pin on bubble layer. On click of that pin info bubble is appearing, but now my client wants to open all pin info bubble all together on single button click.


      In below image you can see some pins, on click on that pin, info bubble will appear.



         I have clicked on blue pin, see how info bubble looks like below:




         So now in above scenario, you can see 3 pins, client wants all these 3 info bubbles to be shown on some button click as displayed on     top right.


        I have tried with following code but did not get success:


      function showAllPopup()


          var globalApp= qlik.openApp('7344.qvf', config);


                var title = model.properties.title; //This will show me bubble layer but i am not able to get all bubbles here





      Can anyone have an idea, how can i achieve this?