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    NPrinting Sept2017: is there a way to trigger a NPrinting task from Qlik Management Console

    Francisco Martinez Sarrion


      I've got the need to trigger a task in NPrinting once a QMC task is reloaded. It's a task that we reload very frequently during the day.

      I could do a task in NPrinting that triggers every few minutes but I think this would cause problems in the performance of NPrinting as the experience with this tool has shown me.

      So I need to know if there is a right way to do this.

      Recently I've read about this in this article:

      STT - Finetuning your NPrinting 17 Deployment

      and there it has the same question as me:

      Q: Question for 17.4: How can we trigger a NP17 job from QS or QV QMC?

      A: currently not available

      But I can't believe this is not ready for NPrinting!

      Is this really so?

      Thank you.