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    Churn rate calculation

    Jure Prusnik

      I've benn searchuing for a solution to my problem, but without success. Went thorough tons of videos on youtube, threads and stumbled upon this thread in Q community: User Churn Chart. My problem is a little bit different.


      I have a table with list of UNIQUE id, basicly a list of our subscriders with various properties, like for exmaple, medium, reason of cancellation, geographical data,.. and so on and so on.


      So i would like to make a graph of churn rate coefficient calculated like

      number of cancelled Id /

      ( ( number of subriders at the start of the month+ number of subsriders at the end of the month ) / 2 )


      My data table "LIST OF ID'S" has the following field structure


      Id (is unique), Date_subscription, Date_cancellation, medium,....


      So i need a graph on monthly bases that would display churn rates on that period, so i can only draw it form a table with fileds

      CRD (Churn rate date), Number of subscriders at the start, Number of subsriders at the end of the month, Number of cancelled, medium....


      What is to be counted on certain CRD is something like



      where CRD > Date_of_subscription AND CRD< Date_of_cancellation



      Date of cancellation can be NULL, because subscrider is still subscribed to our service.
      PS I'm working in QS, but scripting language is the same as far as I can tell