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    Qlik SenseDateRangePicker Extension weird issue with '01-Oct-2017' selection

    Sankar ganesh Thiagarajan


      I face a weird issue with DateRangePicker extension. When I select dates starting from 01-Oct-2017 to any date , though the dates are getting selected, the extension displays "30-09-2017"- "The selected end date".The same issue happens for the date range selections ending with 01-Oct-2017.

      Can anyone help me to how to fix it.Thanks!

          Below is the qlik script I used to create the 'CalendarDate' field and used the same field in the'DateRangePicker' and faced the issue explained above. The screenshots for reference are given below.
      --------------------------------------------Qlik sense Script--------------
      let v_start_date = today()-100;
      let v_end_date = today()+100;



      DATE($(v_start_date) + ROWNO() - 1) AS CalendarDate


      $(v_end_date) - $(v_start_date) + 1;


      Selection Starting with '01-Oct-2017'




      Selection ending with '01-Oct-2017'