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    Filter year, half-year, quarter, month

    N Ath

      Hi Qlikview Experts,


      I have a chart to display the sales trending.

      I have also created a list box with the period - 'Year', 'Half Year', 'Quarter' and 'Month'.


      However, the problem I am facing now is that whenever I try to filter out data based on 'Half Year' period, the chart will display both 'Half-Year' and 'Year' data (see image 2).

      If i were to remove 'Year' from my chart dimensions, the 'Half-Year' period will be displayed out nicely in my chart (see image 3).


      I have also included dimension conditional "=SubStringCount(concat (Period, '|'), 'Half Year')" for each of the dimensions and changed accordingly,


      What i am trying to achieve is to include both 'Half Year' and 'Year' as options for my user to select so that they can view the chart in their preferred way (i.e to display chart like image 1 or image 3 when the specific period is selected respectively).




      The chart above is when 'Year' is selected.


      The chart above is when 'Half Year' is selected.

      image001 (1).png

      The chart above is when i removed 'Year' from the Dimension list and retained 'Half Year', then the chart would display as what i want.