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    Trigger on Reload metadata is not working in Nprinting 17.4 (June 2017)

    Aida Jasarevic

      Hello Everyone,

      I am using Nprinting 17.4 and I have a problem  because my apps are not refreshing even though I set the triggers for each app individually.

      My vendor advised me to upgrade Nprinting. Will the upgrade solve the problem?

      I would also ask you to give me instructions on how to upgrade.

      Do I follow this manual:




      Also, in the nprinting_scheduler.log I have an error, for which I do not know what it is:

      Qlik.NPrinting.Repo Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Plan.ReportFailurePlanNodeExecutor 20171005T084044.101+02:00 ERROR BI 0 0 0 17ae6ebb-80b4-491e-8d13-c959bc53c3be d51ab9d6-4b6c-4fb5-b563-33407c6b3eff a988d074-549a-4167-ba57-a2105bf5f472 0 0 Failed report generation for report a988d074-549a-4167-ba57-a2105bf5f472 user 2c8f8895-c5a0-4b8e-9b15-9f67637b3f38 exception System.NotSupportedException: Wrong content node response type↓↓  at Qlik.Reporting.Reports.Tree.Template.CycleNode`4.ApplyResponse(IContentNodeResponse response, TcTransformationContext transformationCtx)↓↓  at Qlik.Printing.Trees.TcTransformation.ApplyResponse(IContentNodeResponse response)↓↓  at Qlik.Printing.TreeTransformationService.Process(IReportRequest reportRequest, IContentNodeResponse contentNodeResponse)


      Thank you