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    how to get min date

    naveen kumar

      Hi All, Can any one suggestion me what i am missing in below expression....


                        sum(aggr(Min({<BVALIDFROM = {"$(=Date(Min(BVALIDFROM)))"}>}BPrice),p_Material,V_Code))


      what i am trying to get is ,when a fiscal year is selected so i need to select min date from BVALIDFROM and if min date has more then one bprice then select min bprice value .


      But by the above expression i am getting zero as out put ...


      When i remove BVALIDFROM = {"$(=Date(Min(BVALIDFROM)))"} i am getting output



      but the above expression is not a valid one because there is no guarantee  whether it will pick min date VALIDFROM or not ..


      i strongly believe the error is in this BVALIDFROM = {"$(=Date(Min(BVALIDFROM)))"} am i missing


      My BVALIDFROM format is