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    Displaying values that are not associated with the selected object

      Hi there QlikViewers,


      I am very unexperienced with QV, so please bear with me. I've tried searching for a solution but haven't found one.


      The problem we have is this:


      When the user selects a customer, we want to display a table with products associated with that customer. But also ALL the other products, that are not associated with said customer (the variable names would be sufficient since they have no values). The reason is because we want to be able to see which products the customer is currently not using. To show both would be a fast and easy way of making that comparison (the product list is not that long).


      I expect (hope?!) that the solution to this issue is relatively easy to implement and that I am just unable to find the right control. Am I right?


      Thank you for your help. Please ask questions if there is anything I need to clarify.