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    Reading from a QVF

    Ga Baga



      I am trying to retrieve a set of columns from a number of Qlik Sense apps and I am wondering if there is a tool for it.

      My idea is to retrieve that info and use that in a new application.

      Please give me your ideas/suggestions.


      Many Thanks!!

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          Chanty 4u

          means?  can you explain more?


          if you want use  you can create with the required columns into table box  export to excel 

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              Ga Baga

              lets just say, i have dates like "Last Reloaded" and "Data as on" in every single Qlik Sense App and i need to retrieve these and display in a new app. It would be used to take a quick look of all the apps after reload completes for a day.

              My new app will have data like,


              App Name     Reloaded on      Data as on

              App1               5-Oct                    4-Oct

              App2               4-Oct                    3-Oct

              App3               5-Oct                    4-Oct


              Please let me know if you need more information.