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    What can a user change in browser copy of QlikView app?

    John Irwin

      Where can I learn about what things are changeable by a user in the browser copy of a QlikView app?


      I'm having a problem with an app on my login.

      If I login to this certain app, I don't get the 3 buttons that let you scroll the app's tabs left and right or drop a list of tab names. The list of tabs across the top cuts off and wraps around, but doesn't show many tabs that should be wrapping around.


      If someone else logs in to the same app on my machine, they do see the buttons.

      So it must be user preference type of thing.


      QlikView 11

      Happens with Firefox 52.4.0 ESR and Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 .

      Using Windows 8.1


      QV browser problem.PNG