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    calculate average distinct days

    Wannes Heirweg



      I'm working on an app and I'm stuck.

      the app needs to measure traffic on phone lines


      So I've got an excel sheet with a date column, a time column (I've created a script to round this to hour). Trunk is a column with a unique number for each call and the day[date] column is also created in the script.

      I'm trying to create a chart where you would be able to see how many calls were received on average by the hour.

      You can get into more detail by using filters such as year, quarter, month etc.


      So i tried this

      Dimension hour[time]

      measurement  count(Trunk)/count(distinct([Day([Date]])]))


      This gives a different result depending on the selection of years, months etc

      a small difference would be normal, but I'm getting results like 20 per hour if on a monthly basis and over 200 an hour if I look at a yearly basis.


      So it's fair to say that I'm stuck.