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    Mini-Chart Sparkline Trends with Always One Selected Value

    Kristina Stephenson

      Hi All,


      I'm attempting to create a sparkline in a table and am struggling due to some nuances with the dimension of the data. The data is in a rolling year structure but because of the size of the data pulled in, I am selective about which rolling years are pulled into QlikView.


      If my most recent rolling year ends 2017-05-31, then I have data for each of the most recent 12 rolling years (2016-06-30 through 2017-05-31) and then going back from that date I am only pulling in rolling years ending in a quarter. See below.

      I also require users to always have one rolling year end date selected (not possible to view more than one timeframe at a time).


      When I attempted to create a sparkline, I used the following expression:




      Mini Chart Setting Dimension: EndDt


      A problem I am noticing is that the dots for all dates are spaced equally, even though some of the dates are quarterly and others are monthly. Any way to fix this?