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    odd happenings after autogenerate section editing

    Mary Jo Taft

      There is a published qliksense app which has an autogenerated section I needed to edit in order to change the connection name.

      The app reads data from a SQL db and stores the data into qvds read by another  qlik sense app.  The client wanted the connection to be named the same for test and prod (then just change the connection string definition in qmc on test and prod)


      I edited the autogenerate section and only change I made was to the name of the connection.

      >>      LIB CONNECT TO [ABC_Manual_Entry];


      The app has 3 sections

      MAIN --- the usual stuff

      AUTOGENERATED Section --  connect to db and select data fields into qlik

      STORE  -- which stores the data into qvds

      the autogenerated section contains code to pull the data fields from the SQL database and also has the qlik sense [autocalendar]  at the end of the section



        DECLARE FIELD DEFINITION Tagged ('$date')


      ....  snipped out code ...


      I forgot to rename the autogenerate section before publishing the first time,  so I made a duplicate copy, edited, and republished the app with the updated section name.  I renamed AUTOGENERATE Section to Was Auto-generated section.


      There are 2 odd things happening with this app after publishing it again to the qlik sense server:


      1.  when I make a duplicate copy in prod and it appears in my work -- I edit the script and see an autogenerated section appear after the STORE section.  I don't know why this is happening.  Do I need to take out the [autoCalendar] or rename it?


      2.  the connection for the SQL db (defined in the QMC) is "not found" when I try to run the reload on my Duplicate copy.  If I go to the QMC and change the name of the owner of the connection ABC_Manual_Entry to my name, then I can see the connection in my Work after a refresh.  I am root admin, content admin, security admin, audit admin,deployment admin --- on the server so why does my work not see this data connection unless I change the owner to myself?  What should the owner be in order to see that data connection when having a copy of the app on the hub in their work?


      the Name on the connection is ABC_Manual_Entry   

      the owner is me right now and I can see it.  Prior to me changing the owner - it was another admin,



      Thanks in advance !!