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    Count based on multiple criteria

    Wes Browning

      After searching and thinking I found the correct recipe I've had to call no joy and ask for assistance.  I'm sure it's quite simple but I humbly ask for help. 


      Basically - I want to count the # of days that meet two specific criteria: for a particular person and within the current year.


      I tried this based on what I could deduce from other posts, but didn't work.  Hoping someone can asstst.

      Count({{<[TAM Manager]={'Wes Poole'}>},{<[Service Delivery Date.autoCalendar.Year]={$(=Year(Today()))}>}}[Service Delivery Date.autoCalendar.YearMonth])

      So... Criteria to meet: [TAM Managar] AND [Service Delivery Date.autoCalendar.Year]

      Count: [Service Delivery Date.autoCalendar.Year] meeting above criteria.

      Thanks in advance for your help!