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    Cannot create new mashup

    ima nadia

      Hi there,


      I'm using user which is role as RootAdmin but Im having a problem to create new mashup. (as screenshot). Anyone knows why this is happen as Im new to Qlik Sense. Thank you.


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          Calvet Paul

          I have the same problem since the September 2017 update.


          To work around the problem, create the mashup in a qlik sense desktop (not connected to your server), then import it into Qlik Sense.





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            BANCHET Jérémy



            I have exactly the same problem.

            Security Rules are ok, but the creation of mashup seems to be unable :



            Thank for your help,



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                BANCHET Jérémy

                I find the issue ; after the installation of the last update, the link between the templates listed in QMC (in Extensions Page) and the real templates files has been broken.


                On QMC Extensions page, you need to delete the concerned template (for example basic-mashup-template) and then to load these files a new time from the folder C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultExtensionTemplates (zip files only).


                It seems to be ok now, I can create Mashup