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    Applying an alternate state in set analysis : Problem

    Mark van der Meij

      I'm having some trouble with a formula that combines set analysis and alternate states.



      I'm using a container box, which is set to an alternate state.


      The regular formula needs to show the #FTE valid for the current month/year.

      sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year))}, [Calender.MonthNr]={$(=Max([Calender.MonthNr]))},  [KPI Code]={'FTE'}>}[KPI Actuals])



      Now; the problem is that I have a generic month & year in the report and I want the formula, which is part of of the alternate state, to respond to the proper max month selected.

      Normally you can override the alternate state with Year= $::Year


      I do not know how to properly apply this is the current situation though.


      sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year##INDEFAULTSTATE##))}, [Calender.MonthNr]={$(=Max([Calender.MonthNr##INDEFAULTSTATE##]))},  [KPI Code]={'FTE'}>}[KPI Actuals])



      Anyone know how to properly get this chart to work from the container that is in an alternate state?