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    Connection engine failed, for 1 app only

    Ramzi Manoubi



      I'm experiencing something strange with one of our apps.


      When I try to save the load script, I get the error: "Connection to the Qlik Sense engine failed for unspecified reasons."

      After a refresh, the app is saved.



      Also when using this app, I get this error. Takes only a few seconds for the message to prompt.


      I have a scheduled task for the reload, which always gets the status "Failed".


      The app did reload though. If I look in the log, everything looks normal.

      Manually reloading the app also works correctly, without errors.


      Anybody a clue why it fails, and only for this app? I have another app which connects to an other database, with a very similar loadscript, for which I get no errors.


      Duplicating the app, exporting en reloading the app produces apps with the same problems.

      I also tried already white listing the domain as suggested in other topics.


      The app was created over a year ago and was always used with Qlik Sense Desktop. It's only now, we want to install it on the server.



      Any ideas? My knowledge of the server software is very limited. Any help is very welcome. Thank you.