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    Make Qlik Sense Models Available to Users

    Weston Kingsley

      Hello Qlik Community.


      I want to be able to provide a way for our Qlik users (not Root or Content admins) to be able to view the data models we have for their datasets.


      In our current Architecture, we have a Stream with all of our ETL Apps (all labeled "Warehouse ETL - [Data Source Name]"). Because all of our ETL QVDs are in this Stream, we don't want to give access here (through admin rights) or else all users would be ale to see ALL data, which would be a data privacy concern. We also considered putting each Warehouse ETL in the Department Stream, but thought that might be harder to maintain.


      The question arose because a user was trying to figure out which tables she needed to bring in from our QVD folder in order to associate one table to another that she knew was at least one table apart (3+ tables connected together to associate). So we want her to have a way to go look at the model and the relationships so she knows what she needs to bring in to her own app.


      Does anyone have a current solution there are using to accomplish this?