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    Anil danda

      Hello Qlik Experts

      I have a pivot table in which i am displaying the amount in millions. When i export to excel the values are showing in M like 100M. The users are asking to create a button where we can select the value as millions or complete amount.  Can someone help me please?

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          Vineeth Pujari

          Give a list to toggle example


          load * inline [


          $M,1000000    <<Millions

          $K,1000          <<thousands

          $,1                       <<As Is



          change expressions to refer to selected DivVal


          examples Sum(Sales) / DivVal

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            pradosh thakur

            Create a variable v1 and set its value as zero.

            Use the button to toggle the value of v1 between 0 and 1.

            Create two columns one with M and another with complete count

            Put conditional show hide for both as v1=0 for millions and v1=1 for complete count.


            Now export to Excel.