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    Previous Quarter in Set expression

    Monu Saraswati

      Hi All,


      I am trying to get the Volume for previous quarter . If I select the filter as Q3-2017 i want the volume for Q2-2017.

      Below is my set expression. By default it shows the previous quarter Volume, but when i select a quarter value from filter, the chart disspears and display a message "The selections generated no data for this chart"

      Sum({$<[START TIME] = {">=$(=(Date(Addmonths(QuarterStart(Maxstring([START TIME])),-3),'YYYY-MM-DD'))) <=$(=(Date(Addmonths(QuarterEnd(Maxstring([START TIME])),-3),'YYYY-MM-DD')))"} >}VOLUME_IV)


      let me know what am i missing.


      Please help.