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    Max/Group by not quite sufficient

    Gerald Dunn

      Qlikview 11.2


      I have some data of applications with Applications and Retirement Dates being shared across Servers in a big company:


      App   RetirementDate Server 

      A       2017                     1

      B       2018                      1

      C       2019                      1

      B       2018                      2

      D       2020                       2


      I want to calculate the Max date for each server, so I know which app will be resident on the server for the longest period.  This I can do with Max(RetirementDate) Group by Server.


      However, I also want to bring the Application(s) relating to that date into the results...so I no only know which dates but the Application(s) associated with those dates.


      Just can't get anything to work


      I have also tried Peek



      LOAD App,

      Retirement Date

      if(Peek(Retirement Date)=Retirement Date,1,0) as Flag
      From Source
      order by App,Retirement Date;


      And again, have tried all combinations of Order By and it just does not seem to bring the right results


      Any other ideas?