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    Data Load slooooow - am I missing something?

    Geoffrey Collins


      trying Qlik for the first time.

      I'm no newbie to databases...


      I have an old MSSQL8 database running

      I can connect using OLEDB or ODBC, and can view and select data while setting up the ADD.
      Ive tried a number of times, but after selecting the tables and filtering rows - I can see the selecte d sample data and selectioncoutn/total counts etc, but when I click the ADD button, its never completed the load process. Ive let it run for over 13 hours!.


      Ive tried just a small sample, filtering just 35 of 77 rows from a single table, and after hitting ADD, it just sits accruing elapsed time.
      for 35 rows Id have expected this to load in a couple of seconds, and 50,000 rows from multiple tables in a few minutes, but it seems the hampster is dead, but the wheel is still spinning....


      Any ideas?




      Loading 35 rows - waaaay tooo looong...