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    Other filter selection should not effect the result?

    Nirmala Dolly

      Hi All,


      If I select only [Seller Company Name] as a filter and any other filter selection should not affect the result  - that is my requirement   ,


      So I writing the expression following way


      If (if([Seller Company Name]= '$(VsellerCompany)',Rangesum(Above(sum({1<[FY and Quarter]={'FY17 Q4'},[Seller Company Name]={'$(=VsellerCompany)'}>}[Sales_ Amount]),0,Rowno())), Rangesum(Above(sum({1<[FY and Quarter]={'FY17 Q4'}>}[Sales_Amount]),0,Rowno())) )


      But problem is that if I select only  [Seller Company Name] as a filter that time I get correct result but if I select  along with [Seller Company Name]    any other filter  it gives wrong result . Actually other filter also effect the results that is my issue