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    % Calculation

    Matthew Morge

      I am fairly new to Qlik Sense and looking for some help, I am currently struggling to calculate a % in a pivot or straight table.


      I have a list of sales products as one dimension and country codes (origins) where those products are sourced from as the second dimension. The calculation itself works, if I select a single sales product the %'s truly reflect what the background data is suggesting. The issue I am having is when viewing the full list of products the %'s are being calculated across all parts and all origins.


      In simple (excel) terms, I need to anchor the calculation to the sales product.


      I have attached two excel files, with the Incorrect view and the Correct view.


      My expression syntax is currently as follows:




      Any help (and brief explanation of where I am going wrong) would be gratefully received.


      Many thanks,