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    QlikSense - R integration filtering issue

    silviu andries

      Hello all,



      I am stuck for a lot of time in a R-QlikSense issue and I would really appreciate your help.





      I am using R code into a QlikSense expression and I need to filter my table based on a CharType field "Country" using %in% function or "==".


      This is working directly in RStudion locally, in RStudio on QlikSense Server but not working in QlikSense expression.

      Also, this filter works fine even in QlikSense expression but when applied on numeric field.



      **QlikSense code:**









      test_table <- data.table(Country=q$Country, Upside_volume=q$Upside_volume, Synergies=q$Synergies); 


          #test_table <- test_table[ test_table$Country %in% "AT" , ]  # <--- Not Working!

            test_table <- test_table[ test_table$Synergies %in% "2" , ]   # <--- Working!


      final_value <- sum(test_table$Upside_volume);     




        , Country as Country 

        , Upside_volume as Upside_volume

        , Synergies as Synergies ))





      I have tried multiple options, to convert directly in R script the Country field into char or vector , but without success.



      It seems that it is an issue with the QlikSense - R connector which is not working properly for Characters filtering...



      Thanks a lot in advance,