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    Last result from selected date range

    John Edwards



      Apologies but I am rather new to this whole set up. This question appears to have come up before but the solution doesn't seem to have the desired effect I am after and possibly I am making an error.


      In the image you can see my table and I have highlighted in red which is simply a SUM of all the Open figures by day. Whoever built this table did this wrong as this is meant to be what is outstanding in the queue at the end of the chosen period.


      How can I get this to bring back the figure for the Max date of the selection?


      I have tried something like the following but I get 0


      =SUM({$<QueueStartDate = {'$(='QueueStartDate'(MaxDate))'}>} QueueVolumeStillOpen)


      Again apologies I'm rather fresh on the scene with Qlik.